Our BONUS PLAN is simple – here it is:

  • Refer to us a driver we hire and YOU receive $500 per month for the first TEN months the driver remains with us and drives full-time.
  • That means YOU receive $5,000 over ten months if the driver drives full-time.
    (The driver you refer ALSO receives $5,000 at $500 per month for ten months as long as the driver is driving full-time.)
  • IF a driver only drives part-time, YOU will still receive THE FULL BONUS spread over greater time (provided the driver stays and drives long enough). So we will still pay BONUS up to $5,000 but at a slightly slower pace depending on the days per week the driver drives.
    (Similarly, the driver will also receive the same $5,000 spread over a longer time frame if driving only part-time.)